About Us


Your FitLyfe Health Coach SS Josh

Hi! I’m Josh, I am a health coach from Australia with over a decade of experience working as certified nutritionist, personal & rehab trainer, and life coach in different parts of the world.

My passion is to empower people to live their best life and reach their healthiest potential in both body and mind through a truly holistic and science-backed approach to healthy living – this is the foundation of SSFitLyfe.

Credentials Highlights: Bachelor Degree in Food Science (Nutrition) and Behavioural Science (Psychology) at Queensland University of Technology; Australian Institute of Fitness Certified Personal Training and Fitness Coach


Your FitBiz Advisor SS Crystal

Hi! I’m Crystal. I am an experienced business executive (and yoga teacher) from Hong Kong with over a decade of experience in driving business innovation and growth working with some of the fastest growing tech startups and emerging entrepreneurs in Asia.

With SSFitLyfe, I aspire to live my passion through empowering businesses in achieving their growth potential whilst making positive impact in the global health and wellness industry.

Credentials Highlights: Bachelor Degree in Economics at London School of Economics; Chartered Financial Analyst; RYT200 Yoga Teacher

Our Unique and Holistic Approach to Health Coaching

“My holistic approach to health coaching is based on combining my training protocols, nutrition-based science and psychology education with extensive experience in coaching many different individuals over the years on physical training, nutrition, and lifestyle. My health coaching approach focuses on incorporating research backed knowledge and techniques into an individual’s lifestyle, and creating transformations which integrate into the individual’s life as a whole.”

“From a young age, I saw a revolution-in-making in the health and fitness industry. I firmly believed that focusing even intricately on one aspect of health would not be sufficient and decided to immerse myself into studying different elements of wellbeing, from how to train the body effectively, to how to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve fitness goals, and most importantly how to create and maintain a consistent, positive mindset and emotional well-being” ~ SS Josh

Our Philosophy on Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

We truly believe that health is the single most important aspect of life; the reason being that even for those whose values and priorities are on other facets of life such as career, status, money, relationships or social life, it is an undeniable fact that no other aspect of your entire life can be at its best or reach its full potential if your health is not the best it can be.

Take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self so you can look and feel your best, and be as happy and successful as you can possibly be. To do this you need to make sure your training suits you, your nutrition supports your goals and your body, and both your mentality and attitude drive these intrinsically within your entire being. This will empower you to fulfill your other aspirations in life, and your true intrinsic being – which is ultimately you.

Our mission with SSFitLyfe is to inspire and empower more individuals in achieving optimized health, fitness and wellbeing.